Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes your program?

Having an educational program that is academically robust and challenging, yet is well-rounded in celebrating the arts, technology, and physical education, contributes to our distinction. In addition, we recognize that future leaders are not only well prepared academically but have the social skills to make the most of their talents by getting along with others, forging partnerships, and working together to solve problems. Our program invests in developing the character of our students, particularly through considerable community service opportunities, public speaking and dramatic presentations, and leadership opportunities.

Can you meet my child’s advanced academic needs?

Yes, we have a long tradition of educating exceptional students. We have increased our ability to meet the needs of exceptional students by providing an additional resource teacher in our preschool to fifth-grade classrooms, allowing one faculty member to work exclusively with students with advanced abilities. Our graduating classes frequently include students who are accepted into very competitive private high schools and public school programs such as the Thomas Jefferson School for Science and Technology and the Loudoun Academy of Sciences.

How easily do students make the transition to LCDS if they did not begin in preschool or prekindergarten?

We enroll new students each year and often enroll students at various grades throughout the school year. The most common theme we hear from students and parents is that the school feels like a family. When prospective students visit during the school year, they often wish they could return permanently the next day. Our family atmosphere and welcoming spirit help our new students make the transition to their new educational home easily.

How do parents participate in their children’s education at Loudoun Country Day School?

The partnership between parents and teachers is among the essential ingredients for a highly successful educational experience. Although the curriculum is the charge of the administration and faculty, and the instructional process is the responsibility of the teachers, parents have the opportunity to become part of their child’s classroom experience by volunteering to attend field trips, offering to serve as a Parent Association classroom representative, and attending special performances, presentations, and athletic activities in which children are involved. Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their children’s education at LCDS through open and ongoing communication with their child’s teachers.

Where do your graduates go to high school?

Graduates of Loudoun Country Day School are accepted at the top private and public high schools, including boarding schools in the Northern Virginia and Washington metropolitan area, and to elite boarding schools in New England. The list of schools to which our students are accepted can be found here . Our graduates report to us that they arrive at high school very well prepared for all of the academic and social challenges.