Eagle Apps

What is Eagle Apps?
LCDS Eagle Apps is a free suite of tools (Google Apps for Education) provided by Google for students and educators and provided to our community by Loudoun Country Day School. With Eagle Apps, students and staff are able to communicate and collaborate while using the same word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tools, and more. Eagle Apps is not dependent on an operating system or device and is available anywhere there is Internet access, 24/7, and within a safe virtual space created just for LCDS’s community of learners and educators.

What are the benefits of using Eagle Apps?

Eagle Apps provides:
-A common set of tools. No more compatibility issues between software versions and types.
-Your choice of devices. Eagle Apps will run on Mac, PC and Chrome devices.
-24/7 access to tools and files from anywhere with Internet access.
-No software to purchase or download. Eagle Apps, provided by Google Apps for Education, is free and web-based.
-Support of multiple file formats. (.doc, .pdf, .xls, .ppt)
-No more saving and no more lost flash drives! Documents are saved automatically as the student works and accessible anywhere there is Internet access.
-A collaborative working environment. Real time peer collaboration on work, teacher feedback and revision history.

How is it used?
In grades second through eighth grades, students are assigned an email and Google Drive account within the LCDS domain. Student accounts only have access to other students and teachers within the “lcds.org” domain and is intended for academic purposes only. Eagle Apps provides students and faculty with secure and easy online access to word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and communication tools. These tools, and their ability to be “shared” facilitates collaborative work. Students may share their work with peers and with their teachers. Shared work allows the teacher to review, comment, edit and track a document's revision history. Sharing documents also provides an easy, paperless process for turning in student work. There are many other educational tools available. These tools, such as YouTube, Google Sites (a website creation tool), and blogs may be used by teachers as appropriate for school assignments.

How does my child access LCDS Eagle Apps?
LCDS students will receive their account information, learn how to access and use Eagle Apps tools and review the “LCDS Responsible Use Agreement” during their STEM classes at the start of each school year.

How do I access my child's Eagle Apps account?
Parents may access their child's Eagle Apps account through the student's username and password or ue the Hapara Parent Portal for "read only" access to a student's Eagle Apps account. We encourage you to log on with your child and have them show you how they are using Eagle Apps at LCDS.

What if my child already has an Email account?
An LCDS Eagle Apps account is managed by the school within a secure and private domain. Students will not be able to use their “@lcds.org” email address to correspond with anyone outside of the school’s domain. LCDS accounts are for academic purposes and may be accessed by LCDS administrative staff. The LCDS account will not be associated with a student’s existing personal account.

Is my child’s information/work safe?
Eagle Apps, provided by Google Apps for Education is a secure space for information and student work that is only accessible to members of the LCDS domain. Google Apps is governed by a detailed privacy policy and security measures which LCDS has researched, reviewed and determined appropriately protects the privacy of Eagle Apps users. Learn more about Google's security & privacy information Your child's name, which is used as their account user name and email, is the only personal information associated with your child's Eagle Apps account. Content created and saved in an Eagle Apps account may only be accessed by Google with the permission of LCDS. LCDS provides a COPPA (Child Online Privacy Protection Act) letter and consent statement as part of the new online LCDS registration forms available on the Parent Portal. COPPA requires websites which collect information from children under 13 years old to obtain parental consent and allows schools to obtain permission through a COPPA statement. Eagle Apps (Google Apps for Education), Prezi, Weebly and other sites used by LCDS teachers may ask for information, such as an email address. For this reason, LCDS asks parents to read an accept the school's COPPA statement.

Who has access to my child’s account?
LCDS is the administrator of your child’s Eagle Apps account. For account management purposes, your child’s account may be accessed by LCDS IT staff. The Google Apps Terms of Service agreement with LCDS contractually ensures that our school (students, faculty, and staff) are the sole owners of their data. Google may only access content stored on Eagle Apps if requested by an LCDS administrator.