What is BYOT?

BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) allows students to access LCDS’s wireless network with their personal devices for use in their classes. Students will no longer have to go to a lab to use a computer. They will have their device with them, as needed, where needed.

Who participates in the BYOT program?

All 4th - 8th-grade students are part of the BYOT program.

How do students use their devices?

Students will use their devices to complete work as assigned by their classroom teachers. Examples of typical activities may include:

-Internet research

-Note taking

-Creating and collaborating on documents with Google Apps for Education

-Using online curriculum resources. (Such as online textbooks and skills enrichment exercises)

-Keeping track of assignments

Any device used during the school day is intended for academic use as instructed by the classroom teacher. Students are not permitted to use devices for recreational use unless given permission by an LCDS staff member. (For example, 8th-grade students are permitted to use devices during lunch as an 8th-grade privilege.)

What device should my student bring to school?

Selecting a device is a family decision. A Windows laptop is the preferred device for LCDS's BYOT program (see minimum requirements below) but Chromebooks or Mac laptops are acceptable devices for LCDS's BYOT program. Please select the device that you feel best provides for your child's academic needs.

*Chromebooks are a web-based device offering the simplest sign-on and file management, through the students Google Apps account, but does not allow installation of third-party software and limited storage of local files. There are no minimum requirements for Chromebooks.

Minimum requirements for Laptops: Laptop with minimum of 8 GB ram, Intel core3 processor, 128 gb hard drive, and a wireless adaptor. A 64-bit version of Windows 7 (or newer) or Chrome operating system is required. Students are also expected to have access to a working printer at home.

Recommended: PC laptop with minimum requirements or better, webcam, USB, sturdy case/carrying bag.

Not accepted: iPads or tablets

Is there required software or other installations?: In addition to the required operating system and browser described above, shortcuts to online resources, applications and Chrome extensions are selected by grade level teachers for use during the school day. All resource subscriptions are provided by LCDS or are free. Resources needed for a student device are determined by grade level teachers. See the BYOT SetUp List. LCDS provides "Device Set-Up Days" prior to the start of the school year. Dates for this service are provided in the "LCDS Weekly Update" email. Student devices that are not set-up by LCDS are expected to have the appropriate resources installed and ready for use by the first day of school.

Does my child have to participate in BYOT?

Yes, LCDS's expectation is that all 4th-8th students will bring a personal device to school, charged and ready for use, every day. Student devices are an integral part of learning at LCDS. Students without a device are unprepared for their school day. LCDS has a very limited number of loaner devices to be used by students who experience temporary technical problems with their laptops/Chromebooks on a first-come-first-served basis.

Who is responsible for the care and maintenance of my child’s device?

LCDS students and their families are responsible for the day-to-day care and maintenance of their devices. Student devices should come to school charged and ready for use. LCDS will not assume responsibility for devices that are damaged or lost while in use on school grounds. Basic troubleshooting may be provided to students, as needed and available while devices ae in use at school. LCDS strongly recommends using a protective case and up-to-date antivirus software for all devices.

When can my child use his/her device?

Student devices are intended for learning. Ultimately, classroom teachers will decide when it is appropriate for students to use their devices.

How will my child access the LCDS network/Internet?

Students will receive the wireless passcode during technology classes at the start of the new school year.

How will my child be protected from inappropriate content?

In addition to filtering provided by browsers. LCDS uses Sonic Wall, an additional content filter, to block access to websites with inappropriate content. All wireless devices using the LCDS network are filtered through this appliance. Also, students will continue to learn digital safety and responsibility as part of the LCDS technology curriculum.

What is the "Responsible Use Agreement"?

The "Responsible Use Agreement" is a required form which describes appropriate uses of LCDS networks and technology resources. All students/parents are required to read and accept the "Responsible Use Agreement", each year, as part of their school registration. LCDS forms are available in the Parent Portal.

Can my younger child bring a device to school?

The use of student devices in classes not participating in BYOT is at the discretion of the classroom teacher.