LCDS’s Academic Philosophy states, “We strive to develop our students' abilities to think creatively and critically, and to become independent thinkers and effective problem solvers.” At LCDS technology plays an important role in realizing this goal. Technology serves as a learning tool integrated into all disciplines and classes as well as a stand-alone STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Lab curriculum designed to help students become confident and responsible digital citizens while also learning to innovate and collaborate. The program’s goal is to help our students become creators, rather than consumers, in their digital world.

School-wide resources include classrooms and learning spaces equipped with interactive whiteboards, shared iPad carts, third grade Chromebook cart, fourth through eighth grade loaner Chromebook carts, part-time onsite technical support, Google Apps for Education accounts for all students, wireless and traditional networks, Sonic Wall Content Filter, Media Center laptops and Maker Kits, networked printers, two STEM Learning Labs, online research databases and tools and a variety of curriculum enriching software/online applications. In addition to school-provided resources, all fourth through eighth grade students participate in LCDS’s “Bring Your Own Technology” program.


The STEM Lab curriculum spans prekindergarten through eighth grade and guides students through an exploration of science, technology, engineering and math disciplines through project-based learning. Units and projects frequently align with core classroom studies and emphasize STEM curriculum objectives. These objectives include responsible digital citizenship, operations and concepts, research and information fluency, critical thinking/problem solving, creation/innovation and communication/collaboration.

Examples of STEM Lab projects:

First Grade Bug Boxes

Second - fourth grade Scratch Programming

Third Grade HoneyBee videos

Third Grade Baking with Math

Fifth Grade “Be the Inventor” Design Unit

Sixth Grade SeaPerch

Sixth Grade Computer Game Programming

Seventh Grade HTML/CSS and JavaScript

Eighth Grade “Design and Build a Better World” Challenge