The LCDS library curriculum is based on teaching from the heart on a theme of building a community of learners. The curriculum is designed expressly to promote a positive, cooperative school climate with students who are respectful, responsible, courteous, and caring. Literature experiences, parent partnerships, and special programs are planned to promote not only reading and good literature, but values, universal principles, and character development among its students. Participatory opportunities are not prescriptive or forced. The activities are designed to promote awareness in word and action, encouraging respect, responsibility, courtesy and caring. The LCDS Library strives to be a safe haven, reflecting the ancient library at Thebes: A healing place of the soul.

The LCDS Library houses more than 10,000 books and subscribes to fourteen periodicals. Its primary purpose is to support, enrich, and extend the educational program of the school. To this end, every effort is made to organize library resources and services to facilitate their availability and use by students and faculty. Our Librarian, Mrs. Renee Kelahan, provides information-seeking skills instruction, reading guidance, and ready reference assistance to individual students as well as entire classes. Kindergarten through sixth grade classes attend weekly sessions, which include a combination of library skills instruction, read alouds, and special programs. Books are at the heart of the Library, inspiring a proud tradition of nurturing the love of literature in children. A Visiting Author’s Program, a Meet the Arts program, book talks, and the acquisition of curriculum-centered as well as pleasure-reading books with student appeal are some of the ways reading is encouraged throughout the year. Parents are welcome and may check out books for themselves or their children.The Library's automated catalog is accessible remotely via the internet on the LCDS Library website (via the school website.) A variety of information and resources is collected on this site, including access to the school's subscription databases (Encyclopedia Britannica Online, Gale Group Infotrac magazine articles, and PebbleGo Encyclopedia for prekindergarten through third grade). The Library homepage serves as a gateway to research which enhances the use of electronic as well as traditional resources. Welcome!