Fine and Performing Arts

Fine and Performing Arts are a critical part of LCDS’s academic mission. Whether it is performing in a class play, creating original art work or performing in a concert, our students explore, express and create from Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grades. Our classes are led by a talented faculty dedicated to developing each student’s appreciation, abilities, and self-confidence.


LCDS’s Music program is designed to instill an appreciation of and ability to perform choral and instrumental music. Music and movement is taught two times per week to students in prekindergarten. General music and choral instruction is taught twice per week in grades kindergarten through third. In fourth grade, students select a band or stringed orchestra instrument to learn in addition to their choral studies. Currently, LCDS is the only school in the area which offers choral and instrumental instruction in fourth through eighth grades. Supplementing classroom instruction, the music curriculum also includes numerous public performances, such as the multi-school music festival, Veterans Day Celebration, Spring and Winter concerts, Grandparents and Special Friends Day, and Graduation. In addition to formal classes, middle school students may elect to join the LCDS Show Choir which meets weekly and performs at school concerts, activities and special events in the community.


Students begin their exploration and appreciation of fine art at an early age. Preschool, prekindergarten and kindergarten students enjoy art with their homeroom teachers while first through eighth-grade meet twice per week with dedicated art instructors. Students study and explore a variety of techniques and mediums in our two well-equipped art rooms, one of which includes a 15 cubic foot kiln. Often, the art curriculum corresponds with units students are studying in History, English, Science or Foreign Language. At any given time during the school year, student work is displayed in our halls and learning spaces.