The Board of Trustees is the governing body of Loudoun Country Day School. All trustees serve to support the school's mission. The Board meets five to six times per year, and all members serve on one or more committees.

Board of Trustees Officers:

Jon Finkelstein, Chair

Erin Marshall, Secretary

Steve Nelson, Treasurer

Bill Tyrrell, Jr.

Brian Arezzo

Dr. Jenna Choi

Colleen Gillis

Cynthia Jeffery

Pam Maroulis

Kay Nakamura

Allison Wood

Michael Zinone

Parents' Association:

Marie Ducharme, PA President

Ex Officio:

Randy Hollister, Headmaster

Administrative Staff:

Tim Beauchemin, Assistant Headmaster

Kim Martino, Business Manager

Faculty Trustee:

Angie Cross

Board Committees

With the exception of the Finance Committee, Executive Committee and Committee on Trustees, participation on committees includes Board members and non-Board members.

Development – The LCDS Development Committee is responsible for raising additional financial resources to support the school's operating budget and educational programs. The primary fundraising program of the development committee is the yearly Annual Fund.

Executive Committee – The LCDS Executive Committee consists of the current officers of the Board: the Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and a Trustee-at-Large.

Finance Committee – The LCDS Finance Committee monitors all financial processes and financial positions of the school, including overseeing the preparation of the annual budget and financial statements.

Recruitment and Retention - The LCDS Recruitment and Retention Committee is a focused team of LCDS ambassadors with two areas of emphasis: retaining students currently enrolled and recruiting a growing number of prospective families to the mission and programs of the school.

Committee on Trustees and Leadership – The Committee on Trustees identifies candidates for board positions and develops policies and procedures to guide Board processes, including new trustee orientation and professional development.

Building and Grounds Committee – The Building and Grounds Committee works to ensure the upkeep and maintenance of the LCDS Red Cedar campus.

Long-Range Planning Committee – The Long Range Planning Committee focuses on the vision, sustainability and strategic direction of LCDS and works to identify and ensure accountability and responsiveness to key stakeholder groups.

Technology Task Force - The Technology Task Force (TTF) is an advisory group responsible for supporting the evolving role of technology in education at LCDS. Parent and faculty members collaborate with board committees to identify needs and implement technology-related solutions which support educational goals, administrative goals and the school's strategic plan.

Human Capital Committee - The Committee on Human Capital assists the Board and the Head of School in reviewing, creating, and updating appropriate human capital policies, programs, goals, plans and procedures for the school.