Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement

We inspire students to become lifelong learners, to think critically and creatively, and to lead with courage, compassion, and character.


The purpose of Loudoun Country Day School is to educate and develop each student academically, physically, artistically, socially, and emotionally. We believe that the formative elementary and middle school years of a child's development are vital, and we are privileged to engage the process during the period when an individual's potential for learning is at its highest. Our goal is to discover each child's potential and develop it as much as possible through a robust educational program, an excellent student-teacher ratio, attention to individual needs, teaching methods that vary according to instructional objectives, and an atmosphere of respect and love.

Our academic program emphasizes the development of strong basic skills in communication: reading, writing, speaking, listening; reasoning: mathematics, science, technology; culture: history, art, music, drama, and foreign languages. We strive to develop our students' abilities to think creatively and critically, and to become independent thinkers and effective problem solvers.

Believing in the ancient Greek idea of a sound mind in a sound body, we are proud of our physical education and athletic programs, particularly our emphasis on skill development, teamwork, sportsmanship, and the importance of exercise in leading a healthy, productive life.

The major strength of our program resides in the faculty. Our teachers are chosen for their talent, experience, professionalism, dedication, and ability to promote a nurturing environment, imbued with respect.

We expect Loudoun Country Day School students to develop as principled individuals, who respect and enjoy learning, who seek to acquire skills necessary for those higher pursuits, and who care for others, their community, and the larger world.

Statement of Objectives

I. To attract students of above average abilities;

II.To promote the intellectual, artistic, social, emotional, and physical development of the child;

III. To provide a safe and nurturing environment, and promote a sense of community;

IV. To provide well-qualified and dedicated teachers who inspire a joy of learning for its own sake;

V. To provide a rigorous core curriculum;

VI. To provide excellent programs in foreign languages, technology, art, music, and athletics;

VII. To enable each student to reach his or her potential through small class sizes and attention to individual needs; and

VIII. To cultivate in each child self-esteem, a sense of moral responsibility, a love of learning, and a passion for excellence.