Loudoun Country Day School: About Us

About Us

Welcome to Loudoun Country Day School. Among first questions I ask parents of prospective students visiting our school is, “What is it that you hope for your child?” Reflecting on that question and how you answer it will help you define what you are looking for in your child’s educational experience in general and school in particular. If you want a twenty-first century education where your child’s hopes and talents are nurtured by caring teachers; if you want a school where your child can learn and explore through technology, the arts, athletics, sciences, foreign languages and contribute back to his/her community; if you want a place where your child can shine and develop his/her unique capabilities; if you want a school that prepares your child for a changing world and exciting future , then please visit Loudoun Country Day School and see for yourself what we offer.

Beyond a well-rounded education that includes community service as part of its mission, Loudoun Country Day School balances learning with hands-on projects, field trips that, from the earliest grades, enhance what is taught in the classroom, and a warm atmosphere where curiosity and the joy of learning are embraced and celebrated at every age.

On behalf of our faculty and administration, I invite you to visit Loudoun Country Day School, which, since 1953, has been educating students in Northern Virginia and has been voted best independent school many times by local publications. We are accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools and are members of the National Association of Independent Schools and the Association of Independent Schools of Greater Washington. Among the most meaningful feedback we receive regarding our success comes from our former students who frequently tell us that our educational program and the total experience prepared them well for the rigors and opportunities of high school, college, professional life and successful adulthood.

I welcome you to visit our website, and I hope you will begin to see how a Loudoun Country Day School education establishes the foundation for your child’s future dreams.

I look forward to meeting you.


Randall Hollister, Headmaster